About Me

Shayla Souliere

Pop Artist/Songwriter

Shayla Souliere loves music. It’s oxygen to her. Her songs sound like the bright, energic pop you love, but with an uncompromising edge. They’re the glittering soundtrack that plays over and over in your mind. But they’re also a message of empowerment for your life. Shayla believes in the power of music. It can help you rise above whatever life throws at you. She wants to share this message, this love of song, with everyone.

Canadian-born Shayla Souliere was discovered as a teen by a Los Angeles music producer who worked with artists like Beyonce, Pink, Justin Timberlake. She spent time writing and recording in Los Angeles, which produced a few singles. Her second single, ‘Screw U,’ made waves on local radio, YouTube, and apps like musical.ly. She’s also has over 120k followers on social media and has enjoyed endorsement deals with several fashionable brands. Shayla also has a Masters Certificate in Music Business and Technology from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Shayla Souliere never gives up. Her mother tells a story: when Shayla was three-years old, learning to tie her shoes, she sat in the foyer, fumbling with the laces between her fingers. She tried again and again. She wouldn’t quit until she had it mastered. She applies that same empowerment to the first love of her life — music. And she wants her fans to feel like they too, can do anything.

Currently, Shayla is working on brand new music.

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